Flatscreens dominating your family room?

Flatscreens seem to get bigger every year – and more popular.

The must have to watch sports, gigs, netflix and everything else.


Are you one of the many frustrated homeowners who hate how they have taken over the design and comfort of your living room?

Space-saving, elegant and modern

Don’t despair – one of my new furniture suppliers has just come up with some fantastic ideas to accommodate the entire family.

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This fantastic range of Flatscreen Storage can be customised to any colour, size, design and wood selection.

So why not chat to me to find out how you can make the flatscreen and integral part of your overall living room.  Talk to me about blending it to match exisiting furniture and flooring and creating more storage for all those remote controls that seem to increase in number grow by the day.

Call me on o1 294 3675 or email Karen here.