Always delighted to be asked back, and really looking forward to working on this.

Previously worked with client in 2010 and really appreciate being asked back to do this extensive revamp:


  • New flat roof on kitchen extension (the rubber type)
  • Retile kitchen floor and include my hall
  • New lights in kitchen and probably blinds on my French doo
  • New carpet on stairs & landing
  • A complete new bathroom – with a walk in shower, no bath, more heat and plenty of storage
  • Possible inexpensive revamp of the two spare bedrooms
  • A full repaint inside & out of the house and maybe get some insulation on a few walls if they are being repainted anyway
  • New carpet and curtains in my bedroom

Check out some other ideas we have for storage, colours and makeovers. Watch this space as we choose colours, tiles, carpets, lighting – and everything else in between!

Need some advice on any of these items?  Call me on 01 294 3657 or email me here.