Specific, Customised & Tailor Made

Delighted to be asked back by one of my clients, to upgrade a kitchen for a busy mother with teenage kids. I had previously reworked a teenage bedroom for her.

As a taller than average woman my client had thought long and hard about the kitchen she needed.

Good working triangle but nothing at the right height

She had a good working triangle, but the appliances weren’t in the right place for her – and definitely not at the right height. The kitchen was designed and fitted a decade old, and that dictated how she wanted the kitchen done now and all the changes she wanted that would really make the kitchen “work” for her.

I asked several kitchen companies who I generally work with, to come up with a design and neither she nor I thought that they had followed the brief.

So, myself and my carpenter visited the house, and consulted with client, came up with a design that included everything she wanted.

We used mostly standard kitchen units, to keep costs low, and customised where necessary.

Stunning Results

Specific requests included:

  • Two single ovens at counter top height with hob and extractor in between – something my kitchen designers said couldn’t be done! But we did it!
  • Sensible storage for saucepans and saucepan lids
  • Sliding pantry doors that did not impede the traffic flow into the kitchen
  • Cupboards colour specific – we sprayed them the exact shade she wanted.
  • Removing a D end in the kitchen, where access to the corner rotatory units did not work for her as a taller person.

New Lease of Life for Downstairs Bathroom

The existing downstairs bathroom is in constant use with a family of five. However, long use had showed up its shortcomings.

We were able to retain her existing fabulous PAUA shell coloured expensive mosaic tiles and changed the hand basin and tap to neat and easy to use.

My client’s main request was to have an old-fashioned sink plug, not a modern click clack waste. This limited our choice, but we successfully found one to match her needs.

The toilet was chosen to be as short as possible to maximise turning space, with a soft closing lid. Strangely enough, the client, did not want a tall toilet, which are widely available.


Floor Repair – Forgiving Marble Vinyl Tiles

We redid the flooring which were ceramic tiles which were cracked.
We fixed the existing boarding below the tiles, repaired underfloor boarding, and then laid large forgiving marble type vinyl tiles, easy to clean, that accommodate future floor movements should it reoccur.

Moving Doors – More Access

We moved a door into the utility just doubling the available space.

We also added a sliding panel door to downstairs bathroom, making sure that foot fall was totally unimpeded.

Our client sourced a dishwasher with special lower tray that lifts up – perfect for taller people, or those with back pain.

Delighted with the outcome of this job and delighted to learn and apply some design necessities for taller people.

The kitchen has been in place for six months now and my client is totally happy with all the decisions made and finds working there a total pleasure. Everything is at her fingertips and at the right height too!

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